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Preparing for Winter

  • 5 October 2018
  • Author: Safety Ahead
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Preparing for Winter

Before you know it, winter will be here in full force in Alberta. The time has come to get ready for winter and ensure we are ready for the seasons to change. Here are a few things to work on before the snow hits to ensure your vehicle and your worksite will be ready.

Preparing your Worksite - Tips

  • Start elevating all cords, cables and hoses.
  • Reduce equipment that may not be required in the work area.
  • Clear laydown areas of wood crates or pallets.
  • Ensure the ground is level and free of low spots or holes
  • Mark areas for the following: snow storage when clearing, sand storage, site vehicle parking.
  • Line up a skid steer contract or snow removal services.
  • Ensure an adequate supply of shovels, brooms, sandboxes and ice melt will be made available.
  • Check for lighting issues and provide adequate illumination to all work areas. Order light plants or spot lights. Keep in mind Site will be dark on arrival and chances are dark when you are leaving.
  • Flag or mark any immovable objects that could cause issues during snow clearing operations
  • Any overhead outdoor protection such as tarps should have adequate slopes to avoid snow from piling up.
  • Ensure workers are prepared or have obtained  winter clothing
  • Clear all walkways and access routes once the snow has hit. This is a priority.
  • Equip all outdoor ladders required for access with anti-slip tape on the rungs.
  • Storage of all unused electrical tools in indoor environments.
  • Ensure that adequate heaters are provided on site or heated hoardings.
  • Get your vehicles winter ready- emergency kits, winter tires, snow brushes, winter windshield fluids.

Winter Driving Tips:

  • Buckle up before you start driving. Keep your seat belt buckled at all times.
  • SLOW DOWN! - Posted speed limits are for ideal travel conditions. Driving at reduced speeds is the best precautionary measure against any misfortune while driving on slippery roads.
  • Be alert. Black ice will make a road look like shiny new asphalt. Pavement should look grey-white in winter. "Black ice" is invisible.
  • Do not use cruise control. Winter driving requires you to be in full control at all times.
  • Reduce your speed while approaching intersections covered with ice or snow.
  • Allow for extra travelling time or even consider delaying a trip if the weather is inclement.
  • Drive with low-beam headlights on. Not only are they brighter than daytime running lights but turning them on also activates the tail lights. This makes your vehicle more visible.
  • Lengthen your following distance behind the vehicle ahead of you. Stopping distance on an icy road is double that of stopping on a dry one. For example, from around 45 meters (140 ft) at the speed of 60 km/h, to 80 meters (over 260 ft) on an icy road surface.
  • Stay in the right-hand lane except when passing and use turn signals when changing lanes.
  • Steer with smooth and precise movements. Changing lanes too quickly and jerky steering while braking or accelerating can cause skidding.
  • Be aware and slow down when you see a sign warning that you are approaching a bridge. Steel and concrete bridges are likely to be icy even when there is no ice on the asphalt surface, (because bridges over open air cool down faster than roads which tend to be insulated somewhat by solid ground.)
  • Consider getting off the road before getting stranded if the weather is worsening.
  • Be patient and pass other cars only when and if it is safe to do so.

If you require any assistance with Winter Preparedness, including developing a Winter Preparedness Program, Working in Severe Weather JHA's, or Preppiing a Worksite for Winter JHA, as always please feel free to give us a call at Safety Ahead and we would be happy to help you out!! 780-473-472.



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